(audio) Interview with Suzi Weissman: Iran Protests

Published in Beneath The Surface with Suzi Weissman, June 25, 2009

Suzi Weissman’s Interview – Janet Afary

The democratic will of the people has been subverted. Setting the stage for even more protests and clashes, Iran’s powerful Guardian Council certified the results of the disputed Presidential election today after a partial recount was undertaken and apparently completed, resulting in even more votes for President Ahmadinejad in one district. Protestors again have taken to the streets, independent coverage has been banned and hundreds of journalists jailed amidst a continuing crackdown on dissent. We talk to UCSB Professor Janet Afary, who has just published Sexual Politics in Modern Iran, and Ali Javadi, who broadcasts an international daily TV program on Iran called “For A Better World.”

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