The Iranian Constitutional Revolution, 1906-1911

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Date: April 2005

ISBN-10: 0231103514

ISBN-13: 978-0231103510

Translations: Also Available in Persian (Bisotoun, 2000)

A thoroughly researched and highly detailed account of the formation of Iran’s first constitution, ratified on December 30, 1906, just a week before the death of Muzffar al-Din Shah. — Choice

“The Iranian Constitutional Revolution, 1906-1911” Adds significantly to the recent body of excellent work on the important and exciting story of Iran’s first twentieth-century revolution. Particularly in her discussion of neglected groups and classes, including women, peasants, and workers, Afary sheds major new light on their role in this epochal event, an event which is key to the understanding of twentieth-century Iranian and world history. — Nikki Keddie, University of California, Los Angeles

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